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What to do in Helsinki next week?

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Traveling to a new city and visiting all of the ‘must see’ spots is almost inevitable as the

lists of these landmarks fill google up. However, sometimes when traveling you might wan

to explore the city not just as a tourist, but really get a taste of the place and get as close

to being a local as you possibly can. For example, I love visiting supermarkets whenever I

go someplace new. Every country’s supermarket always has a unique selection of the

staple goods, a new smell and I get to observe the local people and their habits this way.

Maybe this is just me, but maybe not and you have your own way of exploring a place

through a local’s eyes and for this I have provided help with the following list of things to do

in Helsinki next week (13.1-19.1).


One place or rather one very crucial part of the Finnish culture is the sauna and with it

comes a lovely swim in roughly 5 degree water. Doesn’t that sound lovely and something

you’ve been dying to do? Thought so. Jokes aside however this is a great way to not only

experience a place that many Finnish people go to sauna and swim, but to also feel like a

Finn while learning how to correctly dip into the cold water so that you get the full benefit

out of it. It is said to help with a lot of things including preventing colds…how's that for

irony? But all of that could be a topic for another post. For now, enjoy the course that you can find in the link below. (Seeing as English is spoken by most Finnish people, I’m sure if you don’t speak Finnish you will be just fine!

2. Tuesday

Something that won’t need any language skills at all besides the international language of

music would be a live swing music event hosted by a club called On The Rocks, which you

can find at Mikonkatu 15. The doors open at 19:00 and what’s best, it’s a free event! So if

you’re interested in either swing, getting to know the locals or a drink then this could be

something for you!

3. Wednesday

What is another international language that requires no linguistic skills? Dance. Enjoy a Dance show, choreographed by the Finnish choreographer Kristian Lever. The dance portrays a kidnapping and the character’s story after she gets kidnapped. Even if you are not one to go watch a dance show typically perhaps this could be an interesting new experience for you and whats more important a Finnish experience. The name of the presentation is Framework. You can find more information in the link below.

4. Thursday

On the 16th of January Helsinki is hosting a night of science that includes presentations on

various subjects of … you guessed it, Science! These events will be scattered around the

city taking place at different times so you can pick what interests you as there are a few

events held in English! You can find more information following the link below.

5. Friday

Something, also, very Finnish you might be interested in doing is going to a fair! Many

Finnish people love fairs and we have so many of them held on the weekends with themes

that undertake all topics possible. This weekend is about traveling so get your tickets and

find out more about traveling in true Finnish style while collecting all sorts of goodies while

you’re there because there will be plenty to grab. At least, there usually is…

6. Saturday

Going back to those unspoken international languages; Art is also one of them and lucky

for you there’s a perfect exhibition on on Saturday! Not only is it interesting to visit more

local, smaller galleries, but this one could be curious because it portrays winter. Seeing as we’re not having much of a Finnish winter right now maybe you would want to see what we

typically are used to through art. The exhibition is located at Humalistonkatu 1 and is open from 12-16.

7. Sunday

If you’ve made it to Sunday here, you’re probably frozen or at least a little bit chilly

depending where you came from. Not to worry, I have a solution, which includes a +26

degree party place in ‘the heart of Tripla’ as they say. Tripla is a new mall that was opened

a few months ago and with it opened a surfing/beach club, which you can now sign up to

go workout in on Sunday! You can get the tickets at the door, which is located in the mall of

triple on the P4 level. Yes, it’s a parking level, don’t be alarmed it’s not a mistake; just

follow the ‘down under’ signs and you will find it.



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