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MUST VISIT Second hand shops in Helsinki

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

If you’re anything like me, and are absolutely terrified of the over-flow of stuff we collect at home - and even more so of the amount of stuff we throw away (even though most of us don’t even know what ‘away’ is, not really), but you desperately still want to bring something back home from Helsinki (I know I want to when I travel) then maybe second hand shops are for you. And if the reasons above don’t tickle your fancy then you might get more eager about visiting second hand shops once you find out that shopping vintage or second hand is very in in Helsinki right now (and I hope in the future too!). So not only would you be doing a very popular thing here, but you’d actually be helping yourself and your wallet too!

In order to help you with this task I have explored more second hand shops than I would like to admit and found the best ones for you to go and visit. You’re very welcome!

This one is truly a gem. It’s tiny and finding anything is a struggle not because it doesn’t have great picks and finds, but because it is so crowded with stuff! Be patient though; you will find what it is you’re looking for or better yet what you were not looking for at all! Here you will be able to find vintage, designer and not so designer clothing, shoes, or accessories!

- Located at Fredrikinkatu 16. (The street with the most second hands that I will also be mentioning)

(Photo from store’s website)

Just on the parallel street to Ruutu Rouva you can find this shop. It is a lot less cluttered, but with no less fun to explore. This shop offers mostly designer clothing, shoes and accessories, therefore the prices are correlated. I still think it has great things for reasonable prices.

- Located at Albertinkatu 8.

(Photo from website)

This place is great for cheap finds that can be both designer or not! It’s very spacious, which makes it a great place to take your time and explore piece by piece what the place has to offer that day!

- Located at Unioninkatu 45. (the longest street in the city!)

Photo from Risto Tuomarla

Now I know I have said so far that each second hand store is amazing, but this one has me always coming back for more! Each rack belongs to a different person so they’re organised by size and very often each rack also follows the same style trend so it’s easy to find what you may like and they have a lot that anyone could like.

- Located at Fredrikinkatu 34.

Now this one is a very popular place to go to it seems by everyone, because whenever you go there it is so packed that you can barely push through. However, I must admit and say that the selection of clothing they have there is very nice and trendy. The prices are fair on somethings, but some are overpriced, but just like with any second hand shop you have to find your pick!

Oh and this place is also a cafe in both locations.

- Located at Sandelsinkatu 6 or Fredrikinkatu 25

(Photo from Mia Holgersson)

Happy second hand shopping!



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