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Souvenir/ Christmas gift ideas to bring back home from Finland

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

What can be more festive and relaxing than traveling to Santa’s land a.k.a Finland

during the Christmas season? Probably not many things could trump that. However,

traveling during this time also comes with great responsibility. You may find yourself on

the look out for not just souvenirs as your journeys come to an end, but also trying to

find the perfect Christmas gift to take back home! Ideally you would probably want to

find a Christmas gift that perfectly embodies the festive season, Finnish culture and is to

unto par with the receivers wish. Before you get panicky and frazzled and start planning

your Christmas market routes for the city you are in; I am here to help you out. Being

Finnish and someone who is very much obsessed with anything and everything Christmas

related I feel like I am the perfect candidate to give you a Christmas gift shopping guide

(Finnish traditional style, of course).

A book about sisu or finding it!

So first off we have a gift suitable for all readers of any age as the range of books that

tackle this theme are numerous! Not only does a book make a great gift regardless of

whether you are traveling or not and if it needs to also be a souvenir, but this book is

also that! It’s a book that talks about the main characteristic of Finnish people. So get

this for the avid reader in your family or friend group and introduce them to the Finnish

peoples’ character while you’re at it! It is easy to find if you got any central book shop

and ask for English books about Sisu.

2. Anything Muumit related!

Muumit merchandise really varies from socks to kitchen wear so you can find a gift for

anyone on your ‘shop for’ list, as long as it has an image of the known by everyone in

Finland Muumit, you’re good! You can find Muumit related merchandise in any souvenir

store as well as the oldest department store of Finland called Stockmann.

3. Reflectors!

First of all these very crucial parts of the dark season in Finland were invented here (are

we surpassed? Not really!) These small objects that come in all shapes and sizes reflect

light in the dark, and make you more visible when it’s dark. Clearly we are in great

need of reflectors in Finland, as last November we had a total of only 17,5 hours

of sun light. Additionally, we probably also need vitamin D supplements, but that

wouldn’t make for as nice of a gift. Going back to number 2 of the list; you could

actually get a reflector that is Muumit themed. See, I told you that Muumit merchandise

has embodied everything.

4. Lumene Products!

Now, this is a Finnish make-up as well as a skin care line, which is suitable as a gift for

both men and women as they have lines for both. Seen as it is Christmas season, they

have some lovely Christmas packages one can purchase that are travel sized as well! The

gift is great because the company embodies the love for nature that we Finnish people

have as well as the culture of using it in our everyday lives. Lumene uses ingredients

that you can find in the nature of Finland, which make up at least 80% of each product.

So if you want to get Finland in a container as a gift for someone; Lumene is the way to


5. Fazer!

So, if you want to bring someone back the flavour of Finland you might want to go to

Fazer. Not only is it easy to find, but it is also the best and the oldest Finnish chocolate

you will find. They have a vast variety of flavours of chocolate, but their blue line is the

most famous one as well as the original line, which still uses real milk instead of powder

in the making. If the person you are buying the gift for does not eat milk products then

you can also get Marianne sweets or Wiener Nougat, which are both from the Fazer

brand and are both accidentally vegan!

I hope this variety of different gift ideas, which are mostly suitable for anyone was

helpful! Having said this, do not forget to relax and enjoy the Christmas beauty of

Finland while you are here and not get too carried away in the worries of bringing back



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