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Become acquainted with Helsinki on our FREE walking tour - starting at 11:00am at the Havis Amanda statue!

Finland gave the world the Nokia mobile phone, Angry birds, and the Sauna; but did you know that the capital of Finland, Helsinki - also has a lot to offer, too? In fact, we became the BUSIEST passenger port IN THE WORLD in 2018.. and we now have over 12 million cruise ship passengers a year! Come and join our free tour, and learn about Helsinki with our knowledgeable and local guides who love their city, on an exciting 2-2.5 hour tour. See our beautiful architecture.. hear the stories.. learn about over 1000 years of history.. understand the culture.. have opportunities to ask questions.. see inside buildings.. take pictures for those back home... The best part is, IT'S FREE! (If you would like to leave a tip for the guide to say thank you for the tour at the end, they will really appreciate this). 

Some of the sights we will see include: Senate Square - Lutheran Helsinki Cathedral - Art Nouveau District - Market Square (food stalls) - Uspenski Cathedral (spectacular Russian church) - Harbor viewpoint - House of the Estates.. and a lot more!

STARTING AT: 11:00am - Havis Amanda Statue


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